About Us

We are a boutique shop of Thai Buddhist amulets and other Buddhist artifacts operating from Singapore. We have been collecting Thai Buddhist amulets and other Buddhist artifacts professionally since 1970s, so you can imagine the size and variety of our collections to suit different level of clients.

All our amulets are from countless visits to prominence temples and bestow to us from these temples or collected from highly reputable collectors in Thailand that we have made friends with through out the years. Therefore, our Thai Buddhist amulets are 100% genuine. We have the skill and knowledge to back up their genuinely. We are still visiting and collecting so that we can share our collection with you.

What makes us different from the others is that we are able to offer a balanced view of the market, give sensible advices and invaluable background information of the item allowing you to make an informed choice.

At Benjapakee Collection, we recognize the responsibility that is associated with the trust placed in our business and expertise by thousands of clients worldwide. As such we strive to ensure your purchase is a pleasurable experience and with the full knowledge and confidence that provenance is not only assured but guaranteed.